How to choose the right shoe support

Author: admin / 2022-01-07
What is a suitable shoe support? First of all, the shoe support should be able to fulfill its most basic mission-to support leather shoes, so the degree of fit between the shoe support and the leather shoe inner hall is the first criterion for judging whether the shoe support is suitable. When the shoe support can support the leather shoes tightly, it can give the leather shoes the greatest help in maintaining the silhouette, and the wrinkles on the leather of the fully propped up shoes can also be restored to smooth, ensuring that the shoes can return to the original shape as much as possible Effect, which effectively prolongs the life of the leather. If you have a special understanding of wood, you can also choose shoe supports according to your own needs. For example, men with sweaty feet can choose wood with better water absorption; if the odor is serious, camphor wood with its own fragrance can be described as a good choice.

In addition, in addition to the maintenance of the shoes themselves, the shoe support has an important mission to provide the wearer with a more comfortable wearing experience. A pair of shoe supports with a suitable size and a suitable shape exert a supporting force on the leather shoes inside the shoe. This force can effectively maintain the three-dimensional space of the shoe so that men will not experience any squeeze due to leather deformation when they wear it again. feel. Moreover, in the continuous stress process, the toughness of the leather is used to make the leather shoe fit better with the foot. It will not hurt the skin and flesh of the foot when walking, and it will also make the walking feel more comfortable and comfortable. That is to say, if a pair of new leather shoes are slightly squeezed or flat when they are worn for the first time, and it is inappropriate to choose a larger size, in the process of practical shoe support, the fine adjustment of the inner state of the leather shoes can be realized, making the shoes more Fit.

In other words, a pair of high-quality shoe supports provide two-way maintenance for leather shoes and feet at the same time. The care for shoes is the care for your feet. Comfortable shoes can bring a better wearing experience, and men will be more elegant and confident when walking. This is also the reason why men's demand for shoe supports is getting higher and higher, and the demand is becoming more and more obvious.

In the process of using the shoe support, two times are very important, and the use of the shoe support also needs to be handled properly in order to achieve the desired effect with half the effort.

One is two hours after taking off the shoes. Timely use of shoe supports can immediately play the role of absorbing moisture and drying the shoes, allowing the shoes to quickly return to their natural state and avoid being corroded by sweat. After two hours, the effect of continuous use of the shoe support is more to maintain the shape of the leather shoe and keep the inside of the shoe fresh and odor-free. Therefore, don't be lazy when you take off your shoes after going home. Make good use of gold for 2 hours to get the most timely care of your leather shoes.

Another key time is the twenty-four hours before wearing it again. After the leather shoes are stored, they must be taken out at least 24 hours in advance before being worn again, and put in the shoe support for ventilation. This method is very practical. Even if there is no shortage of high-quality good leather shoes in men’s shoe cabinets, there is no need to equip each pair of shoes with a pair of shoe supports. After understanding the key usage of shoe supports, you can complete several pairs of shoes by keeping one or two pairs. Maintenance work.

With shoe polish, shoe wax and other leather care products, it can provide comprehensive maintenance of leather shoes; does the seemingly tedious work not formalize the details of men's life?

Shoes are items that can be worn outside to give men extra points, and whether this score is positive or negative; how many points can be added depends on the condition of the shoes. So the role of shoe supports is highlighted. If shoes are athletes who want to play themselves and win victory on the field, shoe supports are more like coaches who give guidance behind the scenes and doctors who maintain their physical condition. In order for the shoes to have a better condition and longer service life, men should prepare shoe supports in time!