Using a Cedar Shoe Tree to Store Your Shoes

Author: admin / 2022-11-15
Using a cedar shoe tree to store your shoes can help keep them in perfect condition and remove any bad smells. These shoe trees are made of unfinished cedar wood and can be easily adjusted to fit most sizes of shoes. Using a cedar shoe tree regularly can also prolong the life of your shoes by 30 percent.

The Stratton Cedar Shoe Tree is made from 100% red cedar that is grown in the U.S. Its design features two vented slots on each toe to prevent natural odors from forming in your shoes. Additionally, the split toe prevents creases in your shoes and helps preserve the shape of your heels. The cedar shoe tree also has an adjustable spring coil at the center that provides light tension inside the shoe while maintaining the proper shape.

There are five basic types of shoe trees. Each type offers different types of support. Some are more versatile and expensive than others. Some types deform your shoes in the heel due to uneven pressure distribution in the heels. Spring shoe trees also tend to stretch your shoes half a size. In contrast, cedar shoe trees are designed to prevent deformation. And unlike spring shoe trees, cedar shoe trees are solid, so they do not cause your shoes to stretch.

If you have a habit of sweating a lot, you should purchase a cedar shoe tree with perforations to absorb moisture. You can purchase cedar shoe trees in different price ranges. The more expensive ones are crafted from a more durable wood. However, they are not ideal for long-term storage. Unlike plastic shoe trees, cedar shoe trees should be inserted immediately after you remove your shoes. This allows the tree to absorb moisture for up to 24 hours before you put your shoes back on.

A cedar shoe tree can save your shoes from deterioration and maintain their original shape for a long time. Not only will cedar keep your shoes looking newer, it will prevent odors and keep your shoes dry and free of creases. Cedar shoe trees can even help prevent toe rise. If you wear shoes with a lot of heeled toes, cedar shoe trees can be a great investment.