Shoe support, the secret weapon of leather shoe maintenance

Author: admin / 2021-12-22
Investing in a good pair of leather shoes seems to be something that men are particularly willing to do, but investing in a good pair of shoe supports is not recognized and put into practice by everyone. In terms of value matching, a good pair of shoe supports not only allows the leather shoes to have the best appearance at all times, but also prolongs the life of the leather shoes. Generally speaking, if you prepare a few pairs of shoe supports for hundreds of dollars, you can serve your leather shoes in place during the collection period; if it is a customized leather shoe, a shoe support worth a few hundred or more will give the shoes a better rest. 'With care, you can naturally escort the men when you go out on the street and make you shine.

Among various shoe supports, the simple version of resin plastic is usually configured when buying new shoes, but the practical period is very short, and the simple structure cannot completely fit the shape of the shoe, and can only be used temporarily; from the optimization of materials and In terms of its functionality, wooden shoe supports are an expert's choice, and different woods have their own merits, which can meet the multi-level and all-round needs of gentlemen. Why do we have to choose a pair of wooden shoe supports?

First of all, the density of wood is lower than that of metal, which is good for absorbing moisture and odor in the air. This good adsorption is very suitable for the daily maintenance needs of leather shoes. High-grade leather is most afraid of being deformed by moisture, and the absorption of moisture in the air by wood can make shoes Keep it dry.

In addition, men who have sweaty feet will face a dilemma. After wearing leather shoes for a day, a sweat stain will be faintly left at the joint between the sole and the upper. Compared with ordinary moisture, the sodium, Minerals such as potassium, fatty acids and lactic acid secreted by the human body are more likely to corrode leather. Wooden shoe supports can effectively absorb these ingredients, reduce their damage to the leather, and extend the life of the leather. At the same time, the absorption of odor molecules by wood can effectively alleviate the residual odor in the shoes, keeping the shoes fresh at all times.

When the shoes are under the feet for a whole day, the silhouette will definitely change to some extent. A pair of shoe supports can instantly restore them to their original state, and under the lasting effect, the shoes will be shaped again and worn again. When he returned to the new shoe state. And this three-dimensional support will also relieve the leather wrinkles caused by men walking, keep the shoes upright and wide, and prevent deformation and cracking.