What is a shoe tree

Author: admin / 2021-12-14
Regarding the popularity of the shoe market in recent years, everyone has paid a lot of attention to shoes. Of course, they also pay great attention to the maintenance of shoes. Many small partners are very confused about shoe supports. What is a shoe support? Will the shoe support damage the shoe?
Shoe support, a tool to prevent deformation of shoes. Also called shoe last, the toe is made of wood, with a spring inside to the heel, and the spring is elastic to prop up the shoe. It is a shaping tool for the production and processing of finished shoes. There are generally half palms (white and transparent ones) and full palms. The half palm is generally formed by the molding process, which is harder; the full palm (the black ones) is the blow molding process, which is softer, has air holes, and the thread like the spring in the middle is stretchable.